• Je Veux professional

    An advanced natural hair product line that captures nature secrets to maximize healthy Look & Feel.

  • Je Veux professional

    Treat, Repair, Maintain and make Styling & design easy then ever.

  • Je Veux professional

    Je Veux line is Paraben free, & Mineral oil free.

  • Je Veux professional

    Je Veux line all Hypo allergic components.

  • Je Veux professional

    Je Veux line Raw materials standard as medicine BP.

  • Je Veux professional

    Je Veux line are not tested on animals (neither the products nor their ingredients).

Health and Beauty

Many people today are well aware of the many different chemicals used in hair and skin care products. At Minerals by the Sea Ltd., manufacturer of Je Veux Professional, we are committed to only the finest array of the purest ingredients available on the planet.

Multilevel Protection

ONLY Je Veux uses a tri-blend of Argan oil from Morocco, Oblepicha Oil from Russia, Neem Oil from India. These oils are rich in Omegas 6, 7 and 9 and Vitamins A, C and E and offer thermal protection and Oblepicha oil also provides a full spectrum UV protection to prevent hair color fading.

For Professionals

At Je Veux Professional which means I want professional, we guarantee our product only if purchased from us directly or from a beauty salon professional.

For home use

Je Veux Professional offers a complete array of shampoos, conditioners, masks, oil and styling products which accommodate the needs for every type of hair texture. Your stylist can professionally recommend the correct combination of products.



About Us

Revive Beauty is the exclusive distributor and importer for Je Veux professional and Je Veux USA and has served the professional beauty industry for 32 years. We are committed to the finest and most exclusive professional products available today. The fact Je Veux contains no synthetic components separates us from the other 95% of the industry which use these as standard ingredients. This includes the use of artificial (synthetic fragrance and color). We use ONLY essential oil aromatherapy fragrance to scent our products and only the colors which nature provide to provide our products with their colors.

World map of ingredients

Only Minerals has incorporated very best in natural ingredients from 5 countries to produce Je Veux hair care. Argan oil from Morocco, Oblepicha oil from Russia, Neem oil from India, Essential oil aromatherapy from France and Dead Sea Minerals from Israel combine to "set the bar" at a new level.


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Je Veux USA is currently being distributed exclusively through Revive Beauty at 1-877-291-7208. Exclusive distribution opportunities are available. Please call us for more information or email us at www.jeveuxusa.com

Declaration Of Purity

All Je Veux Professional Products contain:

NO Synthetic frangrance or color, Parabens, SLS, Petrolatums, Mineral Oil, Urueas, Glutens, Formaldehyde donors, 1,4-Dioxane, Phthalates, Carcinogends or Neurotoxins.